4 Reasons to Consider a Restaurant Business for Sale in Colorado

Colorado is a stunningly beautiful state, but is it a friendly place for a restaurant business? Many Colorado businesses thrive thanks to the state’s national reputation for tourism and hospitality in the skiing industry. Here are 4 reasons a restaurant business for sale in Colorado could be your next best investment.

Is Colorado a Good Place to Start a Business? Reason #1: Business-Friendly State

Offering a new franchise restaurant for sale in Colorado, such as Café Mexicali, is about so much more than picking a pretty state and signing a lease on a new restaurant location. There are other considerations, like demographics, market share, customer demand, restaurant concept, and more. But before that, considerations like licensing, taxation, and the survival rate of a business for sale in Colorado are key.

Colorado could be a lively for small businesses, or really all businesses looking for a home location?

Forbes has ranked Colorado as the second-best state in which to start a business. One of the greatest reasons for this is due to Colorado’s status as the nation’s #1 hotspot for startups. In large part, this is because Colorado only requires a $50 fee to register an LLC, paving the way for businesses to easily be developed in the region. This makes business ownership more accessible.

Forbes also ranked the states by business survival rate. A business for sale in Colorado has a better shot than the national average, with a survival rate of 81.9%. The national average is 80.6%.

Colorado ranks #7 in the country for corporate taxation according to the State Tax Climate Index. With a flat tax rate of 4.55% on Colorado’s net income, many corporations find it favorable to operate in the state.

Is Denver Good for Starting a Business? Reason #2: Business-Friendly Cities Like Denver

Whether you’re considering a restaurant for sale in Denver or another type of business for sale in Denver, there’s no doubt this city in the heart of Colorado is a prime location.

Denver, as the state’s capital, is Colorado’s most populous city. According to the Census Bureau, more than 715,000 people live in Denver County as of April 2020, a 19.22% increase from the last census survey taken in 2010.

Denver has also developed into quite the foodie city and several Colorado franchise restaurants for sale have developed into national chains with hundreds or even thousands of locations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, Denverites spent 39.2% of their food budgets on eating out. Because the city is known for its eclectic cuisine and on-trend menus, it’s no wonder the city and its surrounding suburbs have become such a hotbed of extraordinary business in the restaurant industry.

Reason #3: An Established Business for Sale in Colorado like Café Mexicali

Since opening the doors to our first restaurant franchise in Fort Collins, Colorado, Café Mexicali has made an impression on our customers with food “as fresh as it gets.” We make our recipes entirely from scratch with the highest-quality, freshest possible ingredients so our guests taste the best of every ingredient.

Café Mexicali has built our reputation through the opening of 5 locations over the course of 18 years before we began offering our franchise business for sale in Colorado and beyond. Our customers have become so loyal and devoted that we’ve even been inducted into the Fort Collins Restaurant Hall of Fame!

Our reputation of excellence also comes from making time with each of our customers while we build their made-to-order meals in our large, 9″ tins that double as to-go containers. We get to know our guests and offer the best customer service we can provide during that 3-minute interaction. When they sit to enjoy their food, they know it was made by someone who cares.

We’ve also committed to giving our loyal guests generous portions. It’s twice the Café Mexicali for the price!

Reason #4: Café Mexicali Brings Brand Recognition and a History of Experience

One of the biggest reasons to consider a franchise business for sale in Colorado instead of operating an independent restaurant is not having to start from scratch.

Making food from scratch always brings more flavor. Starting a business from scratch almost always brings more headaches. With an established brand like Café Mexicali—like other Colorado businesses for sale that have gone national, such as Chipotle, Noodles & Company, and Smashburger—franchise investors have support from a franchise leadership team that understands the ins and outs of opening new locations.

Getting the word out about Café Mexicali, a business for sale in Colorado that people already know and love, is much easier to do than introducing a whole new business and brand to Colorado. Expanding the Café Mexicali brand to Littleton, then Boulder County, then to Colorado Springs, and beyond the Rockies is easier than trying to take a whole new concept to these same locations.

The founders of Café Mexicali have been in the restaurant business for decades. They’ve been the inspiration behind the conception, creation, and daily operation of many restaurants, with Café Mexicali in business for more than 18 years now. Leadership of this caliber provides one of the most attractive opportunities to qualified franchise investors, especially in such a business-friendly state like Colorado.

Additionally, new franchise owners are given every opportunity during the onboarding and training processes to learn the ins and outs of how to operate a flourishing Café Mexicali location. The franchise model includes:

  • Comprehensive training, with 2 weeks at a flagship location in Colorado, and 1 week on-site before launch.
  • Site selection guidance and expertise during the build-out and design of the optimal franchise location.
  • Opening week support to see franchise owners through the grand opening and the first few days of operations.
  • Ongoing support and resources to continue operating to the Café Mexicali standard.
  • Technology tools and software to seamlessly operate a restaurant business.
  • Cohesive marketing support for brand messaging and collateral designed to get the word out about new locations and bring in those customers.

If you’d love to have control of your future within the beautiful backdrop of Colorado (or you think a Café Mexicali would thrive in your area), we’d love to hear from you! 

Contact us by phone or email and someone will respond quickly to talk details about your future with Café Mexicali!

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