Invest in a Mexican food franchise


What do franchisees get for their investment in a Cafe Mexicali?

To give our franchisees the best foundation possible for a flourishing Cafe Mexicali location and ensure their success, we need to support them in every way we can. That starts with addressing the question: Are franchises profitable? We believe they are. Along with 3 weeks of extensive training at one of our flagship locations in Colorado.

We also include additional expert advice on site selection, design and build-out guidance, and access to our technology tools, vendors, and comprehensive operations manual. Our franchisees can also expect to receive 1 week of pre-opening assistance from our development team on-site at their location in preparation for their grand opening. Franchisees also benefit from our marketing strategies and ongoing support to continue smooth operations.

Investing in a Mexican food franchise offers benefits like a recognized brand, training, support, cost savings, proven success, marketing assistance, and growth opportunities. It provides a balance of independence and support, with established processes and community.


Once your potential brands are selected, you can begin the discovery process. You can do this with a single brand if you’re sure they’re The One, or you can reach out to a few and finalize your decision for the most affordable franchise that’s the best fit.

Just remember that the franchises are vetting you while you vet them, and that can include credit checks, which may affect your credit score.

Each affordable franchise will have its steps to award franchises, but the process to completion can be relatively predictable. Here’s approximately what you can expect during the discovery and opening phases.


Finding the right brand at the right time can make all the difference between a good affordable franchise investment and a great one.

Consider Cafe Mexicali, a Mexican food franchise.

On two fronts, we’ve cemented our reputation as one of Colorado’s up-and-coming restaurants.

First, we’ve been inducted into the Fort Collins Restaurant Hall of Fame. Not only that, we’ve had revenue growth every year since opening in 2005, including during tough times. Our customers never miss a chance to tell us how much they love our concept, where nearly everything is made from scratch and never frozen.

Second, employee loyalty is second to none. Some of our employees have been here since the beginning, which comes down to the people who started it all, Rick Krammer and David Hoffman. They are the dream team of experienced restaurateurs with an almost uncanny ability to steer our flagship restaurants through economic waves.

As restaurants go, we are not an expensive Mexican food franchise to open! Qualified Cafe Mexicali investors can expect an initial investment estimate between $558,200 and $1,250,000, including the franchise fee of $35,001. Our kitchens don’t require extensive equipment, so footprints are smaller, and build-outs are less expensive.

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