Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Owning a Cafe Mexicali Franchise

Having questions is natural. We get a lot of common questions about our restaurant franchise model, so here are answers to the ones we’re most frequently asked.

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Understand that all answers to these frequently asked questions are dictated by the Federal Disclosure Document (FDD), and the FDD supersedes any and all information posted here.

How much will investing in a Cafe Mexicali restaurant franchise cost?

This may be the question potential franchisees ask the most. The initial investment estimate range is between $558,200 and $1,250,500 for a single-unit franchise location of your own Cafe Mexicali. The $35,000 franchise fee is included in that investment estimate.

Is there financing available in the cafe mexicali restaurant franchise?

We do not offer financing through our franchising model. However, depending on your franchising location, we may be able to make recommendations for lending partners based on their reputations in our municipalities through our business contacts or previous franchisees. This is not, however, any guarantee of financial support.

Are there ongoing fees to pay as part of the Cafe Mexicali restaurant franchise program?

A royalty fee of 6% of gross sales is part of the franchising agreement with Cafe Mexicali. This ensures we’re able to continue developing our brand and franchising support for all of our current and future franchisees. Franchisees also pay a nominal marketing fee to assist with the development of local, regional, and national advertising strategies. These benefit the brand as a whole and create a cohesive message across all Cafe Mexicali locations.

What is the term of the franchising agreement?

Cafe Mexicali offers a initial 10-year term with renewal options. See FDD for details.

What is provided as part of the Cafe Mexicali franchise program?

Our Cafe Mexicali franchisees become part of our team when they sign a franchise agreement with us. Before you open your restaurant, that involves expert advice for site selection and buildout, 2 weeks of training at one of our locations in Colorado, 1 week of on-site support during the opening phase, and assistance with building vendor relationships to find the freshest ingredients for our signature menu items.

Once your Cafe Mexicali restaurant franchise is open, we continue our support with access to our confidential operations manual that provides guidance for all of the daily operations. Part of the training includes teaching technology tools we use to smoothly run your Cafe Mexicali restaurant franchise, such as POS systems, back office admin like accounting, scheduling, payroll, inventory tracking, and data reporting metrics. We also provide marketing strategies that remind your Cafe Mexicali customers of your menu when they have a hankering for fresh, feel-good Mexican dishes!

What experience do I need to become a Cafe Mexicali restaurant franchise owner?

Sometimes, matches are meant to happen, just like when certain flavor combinations meet and make the taste buds sing. We recognize this can happen with our potential franchisees, too. We are more interested in restaurant franchise owners who have the passion and drive to own and operate their Cafe Mexicali franchise with the same enthusiasm we have, regardless of experience level. We can provide training for everything else.

How to get started in cafe mexicali restaurant franchise?

The easiest way to start your Cafe Mexicali restaurant franchise ownership journey is to fill out the form on our website and download our industry outlook to learn more about the fast-casual restaurant franchise industry and the Cafe Mexicali story. This provides us with your contact information, and someone will be in touch right away to schedule the calls to begin discussing your potential investment and our Franchise Disclosure Document. We’re excited to hear from you!

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