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How Do You Top Taco Franchises? Go Bigger!

Shrinkflation is a new buzzword that has consumers grumbling in restaurants and grocery stores across the U.S. Prices are going up, portions are getting smaller, and people are getting less for their money. Shrinkflation doesn’t exist at Café Mexicali, where we’ve become one of Colorado’s top Mexican-style taco franchises by giving our loyal customers “twice for the price” portions.

But that’s not the only way we’re going bigger. We’re expanding our franchise borders beyond the Rockies!

How Do I Start a Taco Business? By Considering a Café Mexicali Franchise!

Café Mexicali is so much more than a taco franchise. We offer Mexican-style hankering food that’s a level above other taco franchises.

In fact, when new Mexican restaurants have opened near Café Mexicali locations, our sales have improved because people recognize how much they love our food and crave it over our competition.

The Café Mexicali Difference is Scratch-Made Food

One of our advantages over other taco franchises is we make everything from scratch, and none of our ingredients come from cans. We bring in fresh produce, meats, and cheeses from suppliers we trust, and we slice and dice up the ingredients daily to make every flavor pop.

Every ingredient’s individual flavor is carefully considered and perfected, so when our guests customize their meals, they get an entrée like nothing another Mexican-style restaurant is serving.

Our menu is highly customizable, with items that fit well across many different entrées, so guests can get the exact dish they crave without an overly complex list of ingredients.

It’s the Café Mexicali standard of flavor, and it’s why our customers love us: our food is As Fresh As It Gets.

Freshness Means No Freezers

We stand by our fresh promise. Accordingly, our kitchens have no freezers. 

None of our meat gets that crystallized flavor (that’s the lipid oxidization effect). Freezing may preserve vegetables but it also breaks down cells before cooking, compromising flavor. That doesn’t happen at Café Mexicali.

Kitchens with less equipment mean our franchisees save overhead costs, too. It’s another advantage we have over other taco franchises.

Bigger Portions of Flavors People Crave

One of the best things about Café Mexicali is our portion size. Our commitment to creating food our guests hanker for includes providing twice the value for the price. The portions are generous, and we intentionally serve our guests their food in 9” tins with easy-to-go lids because there’s a good chance they’ll be taking some of their food home.

At other taco franchises, customers must order many things on the menu and spend a fortune to get similar quantities.

How a Café Mexicali Taco Franchise Supports Franchise Owners

The Café Mexicali experience intends to be all-encompassing for our guests, and it’s no different for our franchisees.

When you sign with the Café Mexicali brand to become a franchise owner, you receive unparalleled support driven by a powerhouse franchise leadership team led by founders Rick and David, who have 65+ years of combined experience operating thriving restaurants.

Rick’s flare for people and flavors and David’s precision kitchen management skills honed from his years as a Nuclear Naval Officer and Mechanical Engineering degree have put the Café Mexicali brand in a fantastic position for the future. With a Mexican-style concept that has people hankering for our food and a franchise model this good, it’s no wonder we’re hotter than other taco franchises. 

Let’s talk about our franchise model and the support you get for investing in a Café Mexicali.

Site Selection and Build-Out Guidance

A restaurant’s location is a significant part of its success, so our franchise model includes advice on selecting your best site location. We offer demographic data gleaned from our experience opening multiple Café Mexicali locations.

During the build-out phase, we help you create the inviting atmosphere that is Café Mexicali’s signature. Our guests are welcome to get comfortable and linger while they enjoy the food they crave. Every Café Mexicali is designed so our guests leave feeling gratified and have enough food for another meal.

Extensive Training

The more prepared you are, the more confidently you’ll operate your franchise, so Café Mexicali prepares our franchisees with a comprehensive 3-week training program. You’ll spend two weeks at a Colorado Café Mexicali, and we’ll spend one week on-site at your location. Training includes Café Mexicali’s history, food preparation, sanitation and safety, suppliers, daily processes, technology, administration, and more. 

Launch Support

We’re with you all the way, including at your grand opening and helping you launch your Cafe Mexicali franchise. We’ll assist with preparing your staff, restaurant, inventory, and more while you open for the first time!

Technology Tools

It’s a new era of restaurant operation, and many taco franchises are falling behind because they’re not staying fresh with the technology. Not Café Mexicali! You’ll operate a streamlined business with tech-savvy PoS systems, financial software, inventory, security, and more. These tools enable you to concentrate on your guests, not your reports.

Marketing Support

As an expanding brand, our mission is to grow through a cohesive promotional message that resonates with our audience and provides value with a fantastic product. Our multiple revenue streams mean our guests have a variety of ways to enjoy Café Mexicali, but they need to know about them to take advantage. Our franchisees are part of our strategy for spreading our brand awareness and developing our name across multiple states. The business we build together benefits us all.

If creating a franchise that outshines average taco franchises and elevates Mexican-style cuisine sounds like a spicy good time, you’ve come to the right brand!

Fill out the form below or call us to become the next Café Mexicali franchise owner!

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